Energy Coast UTC students participate in workshop with West End performers!

Energy Coast UTC students participate in workshop with West End performers!


Last week, Year 11 students at Energy Coast UTC had the amazing opportunity to participate in a workshop alongside West End actors to revise Shakespeare’s classic tragedy play ‘Macbeth’. Students engaged in the workshop, studying the importance of dramatic devices and the impact that this had upon meaning throughout the play. Through dramatic re-enactment and understanding the importance of levels, lighting and tone, the students couldn’t help but be enthused by the Shakespearean tragedy!

During the workshop students tackled plot revision, before moving on to investigate how to attack some upcoming GCSE questions! John from the renowned ‘Rehearsal Rooms’ took them the student through each element of the play, act by act, explaining the importance of the punctuation and regaling the students with snippets of knowledge from backstage in theatres. Students were eager to ask questions and extend their learning, using John’s extensive knowledge of ‘Macbeth’.

The active strategies used by ‘Rehearsal Rooms’ were invaluable to the students and they loved getting involved, acting out sections of the play and practicing their freeze frames of the toxic dynamic between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Year 11 student, Ruby Haile, commented: “The workshop really helped me to gain an appreciation of the relationship between the written words and actors. It made me consider why certain phrases carry so much more meaning when performed on the stage and how this can support our understanding of the play. It was great to act out and I feel I have a much greater understanding.”

The session, arranged by Hope Redmond (Head of English) has been fantastic for the UTC and our students, who can now confidently say that not only have they have been taught by West End actors, but are also well prepared for the Summer exams too!