iPads for Learning

Over the last few years, technology has moved on leaps and bounds and profound new opportunities for education have emerged. Communication is changing, methods of learning and working are evolving, and if we want our young people to be prepared for the opportunities and challenges they will face, we at the academy must evolve too.

Children spend a lot of time at school, but the learning that takes place at home is also extremely important to their future success. New technology, such as tablet devices, gives us the ability to make learning more engaging and more effective in the classroom, and the opportunity to extend learning beyond it, out into the community.

The Energy Coast UTC believes that using technology to enhance learning is paramount to modern learning. As technology has been rapidly evolving, the way we learn has changed with it.

We believe that utilising this technology, to provide a platform that is easily accessible for all students at college or elsewhere has a significant impact on their education.

Frequently asked questions about the scheme.

My child’s iPad is damaged, what do I do?

As part of the iPad Insurance policy, in the unfortunate event that the student’s iPad is damaged or stolen, the insurance company requires that an insurance claim be filled out and submitted within ten days of the incident.
The iPad must be in the supplied protective case with screen protector fitted (if supplied).

Please use the Parent Portal or email us to make a claim.

My child’s iPad case is damaged, what do I do?

Please provide this information to the Energy Coast UTC IT Services department to inspect the case and to confirm it is acceptable and will not void the insurance policy.

My child has no installed apps on their device.

If your child has no apps, please direct them to visit the IT Services department so that the appropriate diagnostics/software fixes can be made.

What apps are currently banned by the college?

To ensure the safety of our students within the college and online, particular social media apps have been judged as unsafe for use in the academy as they provide various different communications such as multi-user video chat, sharing photos and social media. For example, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat.

Please note: This page is subject to change. Please continue to regularly check the Energy Coast UTC website for updates to this documentation.