Return to School Lateral Flow Device (LFD) Testing – January 2022

The new government guidance states:

“ …..students, and staff in all education and childcare settings, should take one self-test at home either the evening or morning before they return in January ….. (and) we have asked that secondary school students undertake one on-site test, on return in January….they should then continue to test themselves twice weekly at home.”

“Even if someone has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days, they are strongly encouraged to take part in LFD testing on-site and  home once they have completed their isolation period for their prior infection.”

All secondary schools have therefore been asked by the Department for Education (DfE) and Public Health England (PHE) to support ‘at home’ testing and to conduct ‘at school’ testing of all secondary aged students and staff before they return to school in January 2022. We will therefore ask you to test yourself / your child at home on Tuesday 4 January and be conducting tests at the UTC on Wednesday 5 January 2022. Normal school lessons will not take place on these days, and students should only come to the UTC to take their LFT at their designated time slot (please see below for details of time slots). All staff will be at school on Wednesday 5 January. Normal lessons will start on Thursday 6 January 2022.

Arrangements for LFD testing on 5 January 2022

Students should arrive at the UTC at the time indicated in the table below – dependent on their surname. They MUST wear a face covering unless they are exempt.

All students must bring with them:

  • a completed consent form
  • an iPad or phone to register their test
  • a face covering
First letter of student surname Time to arrive at the UTC for LFT
A 09:00
B 09:30
C 10:00
D 10:30
E, F 11:00
G 11:30
H 12:00
I, J, K 12:30
L 13:00
M 13:30
N, O, P, Q 14:30
R 15:00
S 15:30
T 16:00
U, V, W, X, Y, Z 16:30